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Terms & Conditions: Welcome

Terms and Conditions
1        All goods remain property of Willow Weddings & Events 
2        The hirer is solely responsible for all hired goods and shall at all times be responsible for insuring all goods, at time of acceptance of the goods until they are returned back into the possession if the owner.
3        The owner will not be responsible for any injury or damage to persons or property arising from the use of any goods hired.
4        Cancellation agreements will be made between the Owners and the Hirers.
5        Al hired goods require a non-refundable 20% deposit at time of order, this acts towards the cancellation fees unless otherwise agreed.
6        The final balance of contract price will be due for payment by the hirer 6 weeks prior to event. The owner reserves the right to charge interest on all payments outstanding after due date for payments.
7        A refundable sum of money is payable by the hirer in addition to hire charges prior to collection or delivery of goods as a deposit against safe return of goods.
8        The hire shall be deemed to continue until all goods are returned to the owner’s possessions and the hirer maybe made to pay additional fees if applicable.
9        The Hirer must inform the Owner immediately of any extension in the hire period, and the hirer will be charged extra accordingly.
10    The owner will not be liable for any loss arising directly or indirectly from any delay in the delivery of goods, but will make every effort to deliver and collect for times requested.
11    The owner reserves the right to substitute an alternative where necessary, but will endeavour to supply the specific item requested.
12    The hirer will be required to inspect and sign for goods at time of delivery and any discrepancies to the order which are not notified at this time will be exempt from credit and refund and this also applies to any persons not the hirer, who signs for a delivery/collection note at a venue is deemed to be authorised to do so.
13    All deliveries and collections will be charged for and all hire goods must be available for collection at delivery address unless arranged otherwise between Hirer and owner.
14    No goods will be accepted by the Owner other than those which were hired on the collection note, if so the owner requires the right to dispose of them within 28 days, should the hirer wish to have them returned to them it will be at the expense of the hirer.
15    If the hired goods are returned back to the owner in poor or damaged condition or if some are missing, the owner will invoice the hirer for a full replacement value. Substitute items will not be accepted and damaged goods will remain the property of Willow Weddings & Events

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